I used to be quite the perfectionist when it came to my art. I couldn’t show anyone anything until it was absolutely, 100% right. Until I began to photograph weddings.

People are never perfect. Relationships are never perfect. And photographing love and marriage has given me freedom in my craft. The messy and hard parts are what make the beautiful moments so memorable. What couples have overcome together is just as important as the love they are creating together. And now, I get to share that love and art every day.

This is not always a comfortable thing. To be open with our lives. There are things to build: trust, confidence, rapport. But the reward for that vulnerability far outweighs the cost. On the other side of the awkward moments, the fights, the hard conversations comes human connection and love. And isn’t that what we are all after?

Your story. It is sacred. It is personal. It is yours. I consider it a great honor and privilege to use my art this way. I get to show you that your vulnerability has paid off and that you have made it to the other side.


A collection of recent work